10 steps to get Whatsapp calling feature on your mobile phone












Here are the steps


  1. Check your Whatsapp version. It can be checked from Settings->Help->About. It should be 2.11.561 or above.
  2. Find out a friend who already has calling feature enabled. If you don’t have any then leave your number in comments and I can call you.
  3. Ask your friend to call you via WhatsApp.
  4. Talk to your friend for a minimum of 30 secs. If you talk less than that the feature will not get enabled.
  5. Close and start Whatsapp on your mobile
  6. You should have call feature enabled by now.
  7. And you would have also realized I don’t know how to count.
  • AJ

    Plz call me at 9438276555

  • Mayank Parashar


  • B K Ravi Shankar

    Hi, this is Ravishankar +91 9743244644

  • Vishnu


  • Tauseef Raj Akram

    Please Call me at +918274927639

  • bkbirla

    Called. No Pickup.

  • bkbirla

    No whatsapp account on this number

  • bkbirla

    Don’t see a whatsapp account on this number

  • Komma Sambasiva Reddy

    Plz Call me on +91-9860901635

  • B K Ravi Shankar

    I have updates it again. Kindly check the visibility of my account in what’s app now.