About Me

Not good at one thing so I am trying my luck with many. Few things I do


Things I did earlier

  • Used to run a restaurant ( Potluck in South Bangalore )
  • Wrote and recorded a book – Besabab Likhta Hoon Main
  • Teach cooking to kids ( have done workshops in lot of corporates )
  • Started eCommerce company called ZopNow focusing on daily needs vertical
  • Used to RJ at Radiowalla.in with a radio program Nagme Hain Kisse Hain


Fix Opentalk with me here – https://opentalk.to/bkbirla


Other easy ways to reach me

LinkedIn – If you have a professional reason. Please mention a reason in your request.

Twitter – If you think I am a celebrity ( although I am not )

Facebook – If we have met and know each other