Obituary – Mala Mausi Ji

      1986. That is when we shifted from a small city Fatehgarh to Lucknow. I remember the first day. The roads looked so big. And then seven of us ( 5 siblings and parents ) reach this nice looking house in Lucknow. We had rented out the first floor. A graceful lady attired … [Read more…]

Looking for an old long lost friend in Mumbai

I know social media has become powerful in recent times and let us see if it can help me out locating a friend. I don’t have much detail but I am sure if you help in sharing this post, I might be able to reconnect. I am in Mumbai from 7th-12th Oct, 2012. Hoping that … [Read more…]

Movie Review: Ferrari ki Sawari

Disclaimers first. I am no movie buff. Very occasional movie watcher. And even if I do it is mostly with my daughter so mostly kids movies. No idea how I landed up with this one. I guess Taco bell Chalupa ads and a nice walk in nice weather was the biggest motivation. So one more … [Read more…]

My friend Kedar

  15th Oct, 2011 in Pune.   Priya had asked me if I could invite one of her friends to BBG Meetup in Pune. Me and Sameer figured out the address and landed up at his home. And that was the first time we met Kedar. One word describes my meeting with him – Inspiring.   … [Read more…]

The Happiness Cocktail

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients—at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit – Wikipedia. Some cocktails taste good when you don’t know the ingredients. All of us have a different taste and need to mix things in a different proportion. BTW let me accept I … [Read more…]

My thoughts on integrated education

So first of all let us define what is the objective of education. Some chase God and others chase wealth and lot many chase things which even they do not know. Let me define what I think everybody tries to chase or at least should try to chase. I define that as happiness. All of us chase … [Read more…]

Jaggu Dada Memories

20 years gone by. It must be month of October in B Top in Hall 2 at IIT Kanpur in 1991. Harmless looking Amit Jain landed in my room. I know you won’t recognize that name. Nobody called him by that name. Even he might have forgotten it during college days. But then to protect … [Read more…]

Birla PJ Public Unlimited – Q1 2011 Results

Birla PJ Public Unlimited is proud to announce first quarter results for 2011 ( Jan, Feb, Mar). In this quarter we have been able to significantly improve the quantity and quality of the products and also enhanced value for all the stakeholders. Here are few of the leading products  produced in this quarter. Your inputs about them will be greatly appreciated. A recent … [Read more…]

The birth of social radio channels and social RJs

Hmmmm… The whole village and sometimes the whole colony used to listen to Radio together and the same thing happened when TV arrived. Only few people had it and others had to manage with keeping good relations with people had it. Times changed and the cost of these technologies came down and caught up with … [Read more…]

Email from a father to daughter

My Dear Princess, Oh ya, that is pretty much how most of the fathers treat their daughters. Like a little princess. And I am no different. I just could not think of any other way to address you. Today you are turning 9 year old. Young enough to play with dolls but old enough to … [Read more…]