Stuffed Capsicum Recipe

I don’t know how to write recipes the traditional way so my style will be more conversational. If you are looking for ingredients, time to cook, preparation method type of sections, I am sorry. Cooking is not a industrial process but an art. Something which you got to do with love, affection and passion. I … [Read more…]

Freedom of expression – on a shoestring budget

It is not just Harry Potter who can make things fly. Journalists are the new age harry potters who are showering shoes all over the place. Bush and CPM ( I mean Chinese Prime Minister here )  are not the only guys who can claim to have benefitted from this scheme, our own dear financial … [Read more…]

Road Rage – Bangalore Ishtyle

Don’t tell me you never noticed it. So many people in town are trying either to kill others or getting killed using the greatest invention of mankind – wheels. You walk on a footpath, you have people in two wheelers honking at you. You drive a car around, people jump right in front of you … [Read more…]

Food for thought

Let us start with disclaimers first….. I claim no expertise ( although I might have some ) in the areas I am trying to put fundas about. So here is my research topic, people across the word are trying to figure out, what works for their customers who come in different shapes and sizes. What … [Read more…]

Forgiving Technology

Times have changed or evolved to put it in a different perspective. Mankind has an age old endeavour, how to make life simpler and better ( after making it complicated and worse). In the stone age the primary mode of survival was by hunting and human beings primarily developed tools aimed towards making that process … [Read more…]

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Terimaki

I am sure the third word would have passed as a Japanese city till our dear Bhajji uttered the magic word to Andrew Symonds ( or did he ? ). I am sure if Aussies promise that they will continue to make a mountain out of a mole, there will be lot of reuse of … [Read more…]

And now it is Laila time

So here goes live my other venture – – local search engine. The Laila journey has been just amazing. We started the journey approx 9 months back and at last reached the D day ( D as in delivery ) on 3rd Aug, 2007. It  is such a great feeling to write some code  … [Read more…]