All about options

Never thought it could be so easy if we could keep things simple in life. I have realized one thing after spending a lot of time doing nothing that we spend half our life in generating options and the other half in choosing between them. If we could lead a life which did not have options things would be so simple.

Few steps towards reaching an option free life….

Step 1 – Always choose the third option. It is always right.
Step 2 – Options are not always good. Eliminate them by using the most used corporate tool – toss of a coin
Step 3 – Never evaluate options. It is a bad habit which will get you in bigger mess
Step 4 – If you do not have three options you can always add “All of the above” and “None”

Try them out and please let me know how you feel after trying them. I would love to know your experiences and comment on them.

Take Care…..