A bit of relegion

The last thing you would like to hear is religion but just too difficult to avoid it. There are just too many religious people around. Nothing against them, just pointing out a fact.

Coming back to the topic I had a religious ceremony at home today and I was wondering why these ceremonies have so much of useless activities associated with them. Offer water 3 times, milk 2 times, fire 7 times. What if those numbers were something different. Will God get offended? Dunno but anyway do as the wise man say. I always wonder how human beings have evolved a system of doing these useless activities and also creating specialized roles on people whose only job in life is to do these useless things with consistency. There is even some respect associated to this gross lack of creativity and innovation. I am sure we could have evolved to a more comfortable existance if religion was not a part of the deal. Wish you had a undo button for the universe and mankind but if life was as simple as computers, it would not last for so many years 🙂

Next time you are doing any religious ceremony just watch every step and think why you did it….

BTW I am not against religion, it is a good design with bad implementation.

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