Newtons Second Law

So do you remember it…… Think hard.

A little more. If you can’t remember, I am really happy. I know this is a little bit of sadistic pleasure but ya still it is.

I was trying to find admission in a good school after completing my 10th in Lucknow . The first choice was to study in ST Francis. I collected all my certificates and went to the school and tried to talk the principal to issue me an application form. But that was precisely the issue. I had to talk to the principal and principal will talk only English something which was certainly not my strong point. Anyway my 37 second chat with the guy was enough to convince him that I won’t fit the bill. Anyway at that age, you have a lesser ego and you take such things in your stride and move on.

My next destination Colvin Taluqdars School. That school use to be a reputed school at that point. My friends tell me that it has lost that reputation now.  This place was more friendly for HMT ( Hindi Medium Type ) people like me. I thought this might be my chance to make it big. I was not the genius types but certainly had done some hard work on at least Maths and Physics.  So the interviewer asks me the simplest of Physics questions after the usual inquiries about my possible connections with Birla family. What is newton’s second law ? Oh boy, it can’t get simpler than that. But my memory failed me at the moment I needed it most. I knew all the laws and fundas and formulas around it but forgot which one was second. I was straightforward enough to accept that in front of the interviewer. I told him that I knew all the fundas and all the laws but don’t remember which one is second. It did not take him much time to kick me out.

Now when I look back, these experiences outline few of the fundamental flaws in our education system. The first one being over emphasis on languages and specially english. Nothing against any language in particular but let us get it clear, language is a means, not the end. Memorization unfortunately has been such an integral part of growing up for so many people that they have never tried to understand what they have memorized.

Having cribbed about the education system, I am just glad that I am out of it now and now I can focus more on learning in real environments instead of education. Learning is more important the education 🙂