Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Terimaki

I am sure the third word would have passed as a Japanese city till our dear Bhajji uttered the magic word to Andrew Symonds ( or did he ? ). I am sure if Aussies promise that they will continue to make a mountain out of a mole, there will be lot of reuse of … [Read more…]

The invisible thin line…

So do you expect a software guy to figure out the existence of a thin invisible line on the road where parking becomes illegal. I certainly did not and as I come out of my office at 9 at night appreciating the fine regex capabilities of Perl and suddenly I don’t find my bike downstairs. … [Read more…]

From Lucknow to Delhi via Bangalore

So what’s in a city name. A New York called as Jhumri Talaiya will still have traffic problems on all the bridges on thanks giving. So is there anything like a city character. Is city an entity which has a mood, character, willpower or culture as lot of media would wants us to believe. Tough … [Read more…]

Doing work looking good feeling great

Hmmmm….. is it really possible??? Oh yes it is. Few tips from my end to make that transformation…. 1. Disconnect – learn how to shutdown your mobile and laptop. Learn how not to leave daemon processes in your mind. Learn how play one instrument at a time and play it well instead of being an … [Read more…]

Doing nothing looking busy feeling stressed

Sounds familiar, yes it happens. Let us take some time to think why it happens. I guess this is a syndrome which is now an essential ingredient of modern living which is so full of technology and gadgets. I can not comment about other industries but here are few models I have seen in software … [Read more…]

Loose to win

Did any one of you see Leander Paes play the final Davis Cup(Tennis) match between India and Pakistan. Amazing match not for the quality of tennis but for lot more things. A detailed match report is here. What amazed me about the match was how Leander managed the tough circumstances and used his experience tp … [Read more…]

The mythology of outsourcing

Let us start with a simple scene. I had done the mistake of taking my daughter to watch Hanuman movie and after that she has been extremely fascinated by all the Ramayana characters. One afternoon she caught me and asked me to become Hanuman and said that she will be Rama. Do I really have … [Read more…]

Philosophy of menu

Had one more agenda during the free time… Getting free lunch at the cost of friends. Convinced one of them to give a party after helping him out on finalizing a hotel. And here we are on the discussion table with the hotel guy to finalize the menu. So what should we order, veg manchow … [Read more…]

Doing nothing…..

First day after a long long time with nothing to do… I had been pondering over this idea of doing nothing for sometime after spending 10 years in close company of computers and spending a good time of day for making money for self and company. And lthe big day is here when I said … [Read more…]

Always thought about it but never did it

Don’t think that I am talking abt the usual stuff….. This is about weired things I have always wanted to do but never had courage to do it. If somebody else has done it please let me know. Get out on Bangalore airport and use somebody else’s taxi. All the guys standing with name written … [Read more…]