Food for thought

Let us start with disclaimers first….. I claim no expertise ( although I might have some ) in the areas I am trying to put fundas about. So here is my research topic, people across the word are trying to figure out, what works for their customers who come in different shapes and sizes. What … [Read more…]

Forgiving Technology

Times have changed or evolved to put it in a different perspective. Mankind has an age old endeavour, how to make life simpler and better ( after making it complicated and worse). In the stone age the primary mode of survival was by hunting and human beings primarily developed tools aimed towards making that process … [Read more…]

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Terimaki

I am sure the third word would have passed as a Japanese city till our dear Bhajji uttered the magic word to Andrew Symonds ( or did he ? ). I am sure if Aussies promise that they will continue to make a mountain out of a mole, there will be lot of reuse of … [Read more…]

And now it is Laila time

So here goes live my other venture – – local search engine. The Laila journey has been just amazing. We started the journey approx 9 months back and at last reached the D day ( D as in delivery ) on 3rd Aug, 2007. It  is such a great feeling to write some code  … [Read more…]

We are on…..

No more time for butterflies. We are on and with a bang. We started on 10th Mar, 2007 and completed a good three months recently. It has been amazing how all of us have evolved in past three months. Learnt to do so many things which we never though we would ever do. My old … [Read more…]

Butterflies in the stomach

These butterflies are of a different kind….. Finally I am getting close to launching my restaurant Potluck. The last eight month journey of creating this institution has been amazing. There were times when I thought will I really make it and others when I thought of being a McDonalds. But now as we get closer … [Read more…]

The invisible thin line…

So do you expect a software guy to figure out the existence of a thin invisible line on the road where parking becomes illegal. I certainly did not and as I come out of my office at 9 at night appreciating the fine regex capabilities of Perl and suddenly I don’t find my bike downstairs. … [Read more…]

From Lucknow to Delhi via Bangalore

So what’s in a city name. A New York called as Jhumri Talaiya will still have traffic problems on all the bridges on thanks giving. So is there anything like a city character. Is city an entity which has a mood, character, willpower or culture as lot of media would wants us to believe. Tough … [Read more…]

The death of Google

Hmmmm…. I sound crazy in the current context but here are few things which can potentialy kill Google. 1. Click Fraud – a company which lives by clicks dies by clicks(fraud ones). Click fraud has been an area of concern for lot of advertisers and they are bound to strike back. Initialy when people moved … [Read more…]